Ice Warning Issued in the East, Says Meteorologists

A warning has been issued by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ) regarding the potential ice formation in the country’s eastern region. This icy condition is expected to occur on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

The expected precipitation will freeze on the cooled surface, creating a thin layer of ice. “On Wednesday night, December 20, we expect rain from the northwest on most of our territory, which will gradually turn into snow from higher altitudes. In places where surface temperatures will be below freezing point, especially in Moravia, the rain will freeze at night and in the morning, creating a thin layer of ice,” warned the meteorologists. They also added that the precipitation will decrease during the day.

This warning applies Wednesday from midnight to 9:00 am for parts of the South Moravian, Olomouc, Zlín, and Moravian-Silesian regions.

The ČHMÚ also anticipates that the upcoming days will be windy. They expect heavy precipitation on the ridges of the Czech mountains on Thursday. According to a preliminary warning, this could lead to significant rises in water levels.

Any further warnings will be issued later.