Czech Festival: Mega Bread and Worms

We recently spent two days at a festival on Kunětická hora near Pardubice, where they found various Czech and international cuisine. Among the many food options, the Mega Bread stand caught their attention. For 80 koruna, visitors could purchase a slice of bread with pork cracklings, cheese, or other spreads. Although the price may seem high, the unique combination of flavors made it worth the cost.

Another unusual food item available at the festival was worms. The worms were sold in a bag with various flavors, including garlic and gingerbread, and a single bag cost 125 koruna. However, buying three bags cost 330 koruna, and purchasing six bags lowered the price to 99 koruna per bag. We also noted other festival favorites, such as toasted tortilla chips with raclette cheese for 130 koruna or a “toastie” with raclette, cheddar, mozzarella, spring onions, bread, and truffle oil for 100 koruna.

Visitors looking for a Czech classic could enjoy the sizeable traditional langoše, which came in at 150 koruna per serving. Vietnamese cuisine was also available at the festival, but we found the quality inconsistent and the oil used in cooking overpowering. Restored noodles with vegetables were priced at 120 korun, chicken noodles were 160 korun, and beef noodles with salad and peanuts were 180 korun. Also available was the famous Czech pastry, trdelník, sold for 100 koruna.

In addition to the food, the festival offered a variety of drinks, including mojitos for 150 koruna and Cuba Libre for 125 koruna. The Dominican Mule and Green Spritz were priced at 130 koruna, and beer lovers could enjoy Plzeň for 70 koruna.

The festival also featured great entertainment, including performances by Kryštof, Michal Hrůza, Gaia Mesiah, Anna K., and Majk Spirit on Friday. On Saturday, Kurtizány z 25. Avenue and Dymytry were among the performers, and visitors were treated to an unforgettable performance by Pepa Vojtek with the band Kabát.