Czech Gas Prices Surpass EU Average

The Czech Republic has seen a recent surge in gas prices, with the cost of gasoline and diesel rising more than the EU average. According to data released by the European Commission, gasoline in the Czech Republic has increased by 1.1 Czech korunas per liter in the past two weeks, compared to the EU average increase of 0.6 korunas per liter. Over the same period, diesel in the Czech Republic has increased by four korunas per liter, while the EU average is only up by 1.8 korunas per liter.

The price increase is partly due to a rise in consumption tax on diesel of 1.5 korunas per liter. Poland is the only EU country where gasoline and diesel prices have fallen in the past two weeks. Despite the recent price hike, gasoline in the Czech Republic remains the tenth cheapest in the EU.

While gasoline has increased in price in several European countries, including Slovenia and Croatia, the Czech Republic has experienced the most significant increase. However, Bulgaria and Austria still have some of the lowest gasoline prices in the EU despite experiencing price hikes.

Diesel prices have remained stable in Germany, while Poland has seen a drop of 20 healers per liter to 35.6 korunas per liter. Malta has the lowest gasoline price in the EU at 32.3 korunas per liter, while the highest gasoline price in the Netherlands at 50.1 korunas per liter. Sweden has the highest diesel prices in the EU at 49.5 korunas per liter.

While diesel in the Czech Republic has also increased in price, it remains the sixth cheapest in the EU. Austria, Slovakia, and Croatia have also seen price hikes in diesel, while Poland is the only EU country where diesel prices have fallen.

In addition to the increase in consumption tax, analysts have also cited rising oil prices and wholesale margins as factors contributing to the recent surge in gas prices. Despite the recent gains, Czech gas prices remain relatively low compared to other EU countries.

As Czech drivers feel the pinch of rising gas prices, many hope for relief soon. In the meantime, consumers are encouraged to remain informed on gas prices and look for ways to minimize fuel consumption.