Czech Holiday Spending: A Shift Towards Saving

Czech holiday spending habits are shifting this year. According to a survey conducted by Twisto, a company that provides deferred payments, people plan to spend less on their vacations. Compared to the previous year, about half of the surveyed population plans to spend the same amount, while thirty percent want to cut back.

The survey revealed that people from the Liberec and Pilsen regions are particularly interested in spending less. On the other hand, those from Prague are ready to splurge a bit more. The study noted that most respondents plan to spend up to 20,000 crowns for their holiday stay. A fifth of the population has set aside between twenty and thirty thousand crowns, and only a tenth are ready to spend over fifty thousand crowns.

Financing the holidays is another aspect that was explored in the survey. When asked how they planned to fund their vacations, most agreed that they had saved up in advance, with financing from their current salary coming in second. Interestingly, a greater willingness to pay with a credit card was observed among respondents under 26.

The survey also explored whether Czechs would take a loan or pay in installments for their holidays. Half of the respondents were firmly against this idea. However, twelve percent had either already paid for a holiday this way or considered it.

Regarding holiday destinations, almost two-fifths of the respondents plan to spend their summer vacation in the Czech Republic. A slightly higher proportion of people are considering both domestic and foreign vacations.

When Czechs need to cut down on holiday expenses, they primarily look for accommodation discount offers. The second most common solution is to travel off-peak, while the third most popular option is to shorten the stay. To avoid unnecessary deductions from their holiday budget, Czechs also opt for free activities and attractions.