Czech Hygiene Service Allows Schools To Request Exemption From Hygienic Standards

The Czech Hygiene Service has announced that schools may request an exemption from hygienic requirements on educational institutions’ spatial and operational conditions. This exemption would allow schools to increase their capacity for pupils and students. According to hygienists, this is a response to the influx of heavily populated groups of children starting their studies.

The Ministry of Health is currently working on proposals to amend hygienic standards for schools, according to Renáta Zajíčková, a member of the Czech parliament. Education experts predict that secondary schools in regional cities will face a significant surge in demand this year. Capacity problems are expected in gymnasia and specific graduate programs.

Schools and educational facilities can request permission from the locally competent regional hygiene station to deviate from hygienic requirements that regulate their spatial and operational conditions. This permission will be granted by the relevant hygiene station by the law on public health protection, but only on the condition that public health is not jeopardized.

Current regulations on education dictate that a preschool classroom may have no more than 24 children, while a primary or secondary school classroom may have no more than 30 students. According to the Education Act, the sponsor may grant an exception and increase the number of students in the school by up to four. The prerequisite is that this will not affect the quality of education, and safety and health conditions will be maintained.