Trust in Czech Government and Local Institutions Drops, Chamber of Deputies Retains Only Trust

The trust of Czechs in their government, Senate, and local government has decreased in February and March compared to the beginning of the year, according to a survey by the Center for Public Opinion Research at the Czech Academy of Sciences (CVVM).

The only institution that retained its trust level was the Chamber of Deputies, with a rate of 33% among the respondents. The survey did not include the president this time, as it was conducted during the transition period of the head of state.

The highest level of trust among constitutional institutions continues to be expressed towards mayors and municipal councils, with whom about two-thirds of the country’s population trusts.

The new survey found that only members of the Chamber of Deputies retained the same level of confidence as in the previous study, which was conducted from November last year to January of this year. However, this level of trust in MPs is the lowest in the current survey.

The trust in other constitutional institutions has significantly decreased compared to the previous survey, ranging from four to nine percentage points. The most significant decrease in confidence was seen in regional councils, which dropped from 55% to 46%, and governors, whose trust rate fell from 53% to 45%. Meanwhile, only 36% of respondents expressed trust in the Senate, compared to 41% at the beginning of the year.