Czech police got a Ferrari

Policie ČR

The police on Monday boasted of the new addition to their fleet. It is a Ferrari F 142 – 458 Italia, confiscated as property of criminal origin. The machine, with a top speed of 326 km/h, is to be used by the police to prosecute road pirates and for surveillance at tuning events.

The civilian car, which has a mileage of around 2,000 kilometers, had been out of service for ten years and cost 130,000 crowns to get back into service.

In total, the police have spent CZK 495,000 on the car. However, the operation and maintenance of this type of car are incomparably more expensive than for a regular car. The availability of spare parts is also relatively limited.

A separate issue is the amount of insurance. An eight-cylinder four-and-a-half-liter car cannot get by with regular Natural 95; at least 98-octane petrol is required. The Ferrari 458 Italia was produced between 2009 and 2015. It is a mid-engined supercar and the last model of its type to feature an atmospheric charged eight-cylinder engine.

The purchase price for the new car was around six million crowns. With such extremely low mileage that this particular car boasts, it has not lost its value on the used car market even in a few years.

The price of replacing the brake discs and pads if the car is equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes – and it looks like it is according to the available video – is between 400 and 500 thousand crowns excluding VAT, according to information from Ferrari dealer Advantage Cars.

According to the police statement, the vehicle will be used “in the fight against illegal international racing” as surveillance at tuning rallies, in the search for cars, and as part of preventive surveillance or police presentation.

“We can also use its potential to pursue stolen vehicles that pass through our territory to neighboring countries. The range of tasks that the vehicle will perform is extensive,” said Jiří Zlý, director of the traffic police service, about the vehicle.