Czech Police Reveals New Accommodation in Prague to Attract Missing Officers

Policie ČR

The Czech Minister of the Interior, Vít Rakušan (STAN), aims to make working for the Czech police more attractive by purchasing a new accommodation facility in Prague’s Kunratice district. The state acquired the building, which had served as a more luxurious version of university dormitories, especially for international students, for the past eleven years, for 400 million Czech korunas. The police leadership explained the purchase by stating that no suitable state-owned premises were available.

The police leadership signed a purchase agreement for the building in Prague’s Kunratice district in May. The building is located in the complex of university dormitories in Jižní Město and is adjacent to the structure of the University of Economics.

The structure was built in the 1980s and underwent significant reconstruction in 2012. Since then, it has been operated by the company Apartman Student, owned by entrepreneurs Jana and Bohumil Kopecký, as a “more luxurious” version of university dormitories, primarily serving foreign students.

An expert appraisal valued the building at 380 million Czech korunas, and the state ultimately paid 20 million korunas more. “Another interested party emerged. We wanted to acquire this accommodation capacity, and in full compliance with the rules, we asked the Ministry of Finance to assess a possible exception. We were approved to invest these 400 million korunas,” explained Minister of the Interior Vít Rakušan.

“The price is adequate for the comfort we provide, and it is an investment in the future,” added Rakušan.

The company representatives initially approached the state, intending to sell the building. “We would be foolish not to apply for something that does not require significant investment costs from the Czech Police and the Ministry of the Interior. It is possible to live and use it with minor modifications. I believe that student accommodation is provided in another way,” stated Rakušan to Novinky.

Another Suitable Property Was Not Found

The state also decided to purchase the building because it did not find any other suitable property in its inventory.

“This building has 125 rooms with 286 beds. The accommodation facility is very modern. There is a shop on the ground floor of the accommodation facility, as well as a laundry room and a gym. The canteen of the University of Chemical Technology is nearby, which means that dining is available,” explained Martin Vondrášek, President of the Czech Police.