Prague Streets Set for Billion-Dollar Modernization

Michaela Říhová

Legerova, Sokolská, and Ječná are slated for a complete overhaul to create modern urban streets. The estimated cost for the project is around one billion Czech koruna. The precise details of the renovations will be determined by a project for which the Technical Administration of Roads (TSK) is currently seeking a designer through a tender process, as indicated by documents published in the server. The start date for the renovations is still uncertain.

The refurbishment plans include resurfacing and restoring the greenery in Legerova, Sokolská, and Ječná streets. The possibility of marking paths for cyclists will also be assessed.

In Ječná Street, which connects Karlovo náměstí with Sokolská Street, the road surface is expected to be modified to address noise issues caused by anti-noise asphalt. In the case of Ječná, TSK will need to collaborate with the Prague Public Transit Company (DPP), which plans to repair the heavily used tram track in poor condition.

The final design and appearance of the streets will become clear once the project is discussed with all relevant stakeholders, including local authorities.

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According to, there are also plans to conduct a study on the possibility of removing the underpasses at Fügnerově náměstí and Karlovo náměstí near Nuselský most, which run beneath Legerova and Sokolská streets. Regular pedestrian crossings may replace these underpasses.

“The replacement of the underpasses needs to be assessed on a broader scale, taking into account the impact on traffic on Legerova and Sokolská streets,” states the document. Recently, a new pedestrian crossing has been created on the main road near the National Museum.

Creating Welcoming and Aesthetically Valuable Streets

“The purpose of the projects is to facilitate the development of welcoming, aesthetically valuable, and well-organized urban streets and public spaces that enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, significantly strengthen usage possibilities, and provide ample space for the placement of sustainable tree avenues, utilizing effective stormwater management principles,” the document states.

The total cost of the renovations is currently unclear and will depend on factors such as the project’s design and the outcome of the tendering process for construction companies. According to the published document, the projects directly on the main road could range from 800 to 950 million Czech koruna excluding VAT, while the Ječná project could amount to 250 to 300 million Czech koruna excluding VAT.

The Severojižní magistrála is one of the busiest roads in the capital, with a daily traffic intensity of up to 100,000 vehicles.