Czech Post Adapts Branch Closure Plan in Response to Municipalities’ Input

The Czech Post, set to close 300 branches starting in July, has decided to replace 21 initially planned closed branches with other alternatives following discussions with municipalities. Matyáš Vitík, the spokesperson for the postal service, provided this update on Tuesday.

During June, the closed branches will display information about the successor post offices, including the services they will offer and their operating hours. Additionally, customers holding the Czech Post customer card will receive notifications about the changes, and a dedicated website will be launched to provide all the necessary updates.

The decision to close the branches stems from the economic challenges faced by the state-owned company in sustaining its current operational structure. The announcement of the branch closures elicited responses from several municipalities, with some expressing disagreement and suggesting alternative solutions. As a result, representatives from the postal service engaged in 164 meetings, leading to the subsequent changes in the list of affected branches.

By replacing certain branches with alternative options, the Czech Post aims to address concerns raised by municipalities while optimizing its operations. The adjustments made after the discussions reflect the collaborative efforts between the postal service and the affected communities to find mutually agreeable solutions.