Czech President Petr Pavel Begins Work in New Castle Office

President Petr Pavel is moving his office from Hrzánský Palace to Prague Castle on Monday, and he is expected to start using his new office in the afternoon.According to Pavel’s team, they will have the castle checked for potential wiretapping, and they announced that the move would take place several weeks after the inauguration. Pavel previously stated that he expected the complete relocation of his office to the Castle by the end of March.

According to President’s spokesperson, Markéta Řeháková, the spaces designated for the president, the first lady, and the chancellor, Jana Vohralíková, have already been inspected, and they are in good condition.The Hrzánský Palace in Hradčany was provided to Pavel by Prime Minister Petr Fiala before the inauguration for representational purposes.The Lumbe Villa is also being prepared for the President and First Lady to stay during the week.The President and his wife are expected to visit the Moravian-Silesian Region on Tuesday and Wednesday.