Winter Weather Makes a Comeback!

The winter is not giving up, but it will improve soon. This week’s first half will be marked by a return to winter weather, as a cold front brings snow, frosty nights, associated ice hazards, and a threat to blossoming fruit trees. However, the significant cooling will be only temporary, said meteorologist Dagmar Honsová.

“After the passage of a significant cold front on Monday, cold air from the northwest to the north will penetrate central Europe and bring back winter weather and dangerous meteorological phenomena. Transient snow cover will also form in lower elevations, with snowdrifts forming from higher elevations due to fresh winds. On Tuesday and Wednesday, with overnight temperatures below freezing, ice and freezing will form on the roads,” Honsová described the dynamic weather that will bring the last week of March.

“Nighttime frost during the growing season can cause damage, particularly to flowering fruit trees,” the meteorologist warned.

She said it would warm up again in the second half of the week, but there will still be a lot of cloudiness and precipitation as individual frontal systems pass over the Czech Republic.

The Monday forecast indicates primarily cloudy to overcast skies, with snow or snow showers expected in most areas. Rain mixed with snow or rain will initially fall at lower elevations, with snow only in the mountains to the east. “Gradually, the snow line will also fall there,” Honsova clarified, adding that snow showers will be intense in some places. “Transient snow cover will form, and snow showers will significantly reduce visibility. Thunderstorms may occur occasionally,” the meteorologist warned. Afternoon temperatures will rise to 2-7°C, but the wind chill will be much lower. Wind gusts will range from 70 km/h in the eastern half of the country to 110 km/h in the mountains, a force that can cause damage. It is essential to watch out for snowdrifts in the hills.

Tuesday will be cloudy to overcast, with snow or snow showers in some areas. It will be chilly in the morning, with temperatures ranging from 0 to -5°C, and daytime temperatures will not exceed 2 to 6°C. It will be windy again, with gusts of up to 70 km/h.

Wednesday will begin with partly cloudy skies, but cloudiness will increase to overcast from the west. Snow or snow showers may occur again in some places, with rain and snow mixed in low-lying areas.