Czech Prime Minister Calls for Bolder Steps Against Illegal Migration

Kateřina Šulová

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) emphasized the need for bolder actions to prevent illegal migration during a press conference before departing for the European Political Community (EPC) summit in Granada, Spain. More than forty heads of state and government from European countries are expected to attend the summit, followed by an informal European Union summit on Friday.

Prime Minister Fiala expressed his satisfaction with the ongoing discussions, stating, “I am glad that we continue to engage in these beneficial conversations.” The main focus topics at the Granada summit will include European security, the migration crisis, combating climate change, and energy transformation. Prime Minister Fiala will participate in a roundtable discussion on energy, emphasizing the crucial role of nuclear energy and renewable sources for the Czech Republic. He also stressed the importance of cooperation with other partners in the energy sector, stating that the Czech Republic is well-prepared for the upcoming winter.

In another article, it was reported that the Czech Republic and Poland have implemented border controls with Slovakia and Austria. This move comes as migration remains a pressing issue in European countries. The number of migrants in European countries has been increasing significantly in recent weeks, prompting temporary border controls to be put in place. Prime Minister Fiala highlighted the need for bold steps to prevent illegal migration, calling for a comprehensive agreement and necessary changes. He believes that a migration pact is the right path forward.

The EPC summit will also be attended by leaders of some EU institutions, who will participate in the informal European Union summit in Granada on Friday. The strategic agenda of the EU for the coming years will be a crucial topic of discussion, including the possibility of initiating accession talks with Ukraine, which may be decided at the regular EU summit in December.

As the issue of migration takes center stage, Prime Minister Fiala emphasized the importance of addressing this topic during the summit. He reiterated the need for bolder actions to prevent illegal migration, given the significant increase in the number of migrants in European countries in recent weeks. The implementation of temporary border controls by several countries, including the Czech Republic, reflects the inadequacy of current European policies. Prime Minister Fiala called for reaching an agreement and making necessary changes to effectively address the migration issue, highlighting the migration pact as the right approach.

With migration being one of the main themes, the EPC summit will also feature leaders from various EU institutions who will join Prime Minister Fiala and other participants in the informal European Union summit in Granada. The summit will focus on the strategic agenda of the EU in the coming years, and discussions may include the possibility of initiating accession talks with Ukraine, which could be decided at the upcoming EU summit in December.