Flora Olomouc: A Celebration of Roots and Nature

Miloslav Hradil

The annual Flora Olomouc exhibition has started, enchanting visitors with its stunning showcase of roots, plants, and flowers. This year’s theme, “Společné kořeny” (Shared Roots), commemorates the 30th anniversary of the division of Czechoslovakia, highlighting the enduring alliance and relationship between the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The leading exhibition, located in the largest pavilion A, features a breathtaking display of trees, shrubs, and intricate floral decorations, forming a map of Czechoslovakia. The symbolism of roots is woven throughout the exhibition, representing the foundation for the growth and beauty of all plants, fruits, and vegetables. Despite the borders separating the two republics, their shared history and close bond manifest in these roots. They serve as a reminder of their interconnectedness and resilience.

Flora Olomouc also hosts a vibrant marketplace where visitors can explore and purchase a variety of top-quality fruits and vegetables from local producers. Nearly thirty tons of produce are on display, showcasing the region’s rich agricultural heritage. The Czech Union of Gardeners also presents a diverse collection of over 100 old apple and pear varieties. At the same time, the historic orangery in Smetanovy Sady offers a fascinating exhibition dedicated to spices and herbs, with an opportunity to purchase these aromatic treasures on-site.

Beyond the exhibition, the Olomouc Trade Fairgrounds come alive with various events and activities. The autumnal gardening market offers an array of gardening supplies and products alongside the Olima Gastronomy and Beverage Festival. This festival showcases the best of Moravian wines. It hosts various culinary competitions, including the Gastro Olomouc Olima Cup for talented students from vocational schools, the Moravian Pastry Championship, and the 20th edition of the Flora Košt competition for fruit distillates, featuring over 300 samples. Lively outdoor performances on the Samba stage complement the festive atmosphere.

As part of the Flora festivities, Olomouc’s historic landmarks are adorned with unique floral arrangements from October 5th to 15th. Leading Czech florists demonstrate their artistry in St. Michael’s Church, St. Maurice’s Church, and the Husová sbor.