Czech Railways bought a carrier to save money on replacement buses during closures

Jaroslav Soukup

Czech Railways (ČD) has bought the Vydos Bus bus carrier from Vyškov. They intend to use the company to provide replacement transport during planned closures or emergencies. In this way, the railways want to reduce the cost of replacement transport and dependence on external suppliers. Later this year, Vydos Bus will be renamed ČD Bus.

The company has not disclosed the price of the transaction. ČD will pay up to CZK 900 million per year for bus replacement.

“Considering the number of closures and the need to provide replacement transport, the expansion of the fleet with buses will be a great benefit for us, not only from an economic but also from an operational point of view,” said Michal Kraus, deputy chairman of the board of directors and deputy general director of ČD for service.

According to Kraus, by purchasing a bus carrier, the railways can reduce the cost of providing replacement transport and their dependence on external suppliers.

The conclusion of the contract for the purchase of a 100% stake in Vydos Bus was approved by the management committee of the railways in the past few days. The original agreements of Vydos Bus will be completed to the existing extent under the new owner, the railways said. These include the provision of public transport in Vyškov and one operating set during the Brno – Adamov – Blansko closure. The current employees will also remain with the company.

Eighty buses fall under Vydos Bus. “We would like to gradually increase the number of buses and, of course, the number of employees, especially drivers,” said Adam Svojanovský, chairman of the board of Vydos Bus.