Czech Republic Blocks Hundreds of Websites Due to Incorrect Data

In the past month, hundreds of websites have been blocked in the Czech Republic due to incorrect data provided by web owners or lack of representation. The organization responsible for managing Czech domains, CZ.NIC, updates a regularly maintained list of blocked websites based on established guidelines.

As of this week, there were 1,656 blocked domains in the Czech Republic. Most of these are blocked due to incorrect data provided by the owner or lack of representation. Other domains are blocked based on decisions law enforcement or other public authorities make.

The list of blocked domains is updated hourly, and the number of blocked websites can fluctuate throughout the day. In June, 1,297 domains were blocked in the Czech Republic. This number increased to 1,656 domains by Tuesday of this week.

CZ.NIC began publishing the list of blocked websites to increase transparency regarding removing domain names from the DNS. The list includes those domains blocked under Article 17 of domain registration rules, which addresses incorrect data provided about the domain name owner.

In the past, Czech disinformation websites spreading Russian propaganda, such as and, have been blocked under Article 17. Although no domains are currently blocked under this article, many Czech domains remain blocked due to incorrect data or lack of representation.

Web owners must ensure that their data is accurate and up-to-date to avoid blocking their domains. CZ.NIC’s efforts to increase transparency and address issues related to incorrect data and lack of representation will likely continue to be a focus in the Czech Republic.

To view the complete list of blocked domains, visit the CZ.NIC website.