Czech President Discusses Energy and Doctor Shortages in Visit to Southern Bohemia

President Petr Pavel and his wife Eva visited southern Bohemia on Tuesday, where they met with regional governor Martin Kuba to discuss energy and doctor shortages in some parts of the country.

During his visit, Pavel discussed the difficulty of motivating young doctors with financial incentives. He suggested that a broader range of incentives, such as employment opportunities for partners and cultural and sports activities for children, might be more effective. He also expressed his support for constructing large and small modular reactors to ensure energy security for the Czech Republic.

Pavel’s visit included stops at Planá airport, Mount Kleť, and a rotating theater in Český Krumlov, with plans to visit Český Krumlov Castle, Easter Passion Plays in Hořice na Šumavě, and emergency responders in Dolní Vltavice on Wednesday.

The President’s comments come as the Czech Republic faces a doctor shortage, particularly in rural areas. The government has been working to address the issue by increasing funding for medical education and offering financial incentives to doctors who work in underserved areas.

Meanwhile, the energy sector has also been a topic of concern in the country, with ongoing debates about the role of nuclear power in ensuring energy security. Pavel’s support for both large and small reactors reflects a growing interest in modular atomic technology, which is seen as a way to provide more flexible and scalable energy solutions.