Czech Republic Experiences Record-Breaking Heatwave

The Czech Republic has just experienced its hottest day of the year, with temperatures reaching a sweltering 38 degrees Celsius. However, according to meteorologist Petra Sýkorová, it is unlikely that temperatures will reach such heights again anytime soon.

Sýkorová has stated that the worst heatwave is behind the country, and the following week temperatures will drop to a more manageable 31 degrees Celsius. Clouds and rain are also expected, which will help to cool things down further.

While the Czech Republic may have experienced record-breaking temperatures, other parts of Europe braced themselves for even more extreme heat. Sardinia, for example, could see temperatures reach a scorching 47 degrees Celsius.

Thankfully, the Czech Republic will be spared from such extreme temperatures. According to Sýkorová, the hot air mass is concentrated mainly over the Mediterranean and will not affect the Czech Republic.

But what was behind the sudden spike in temperatures over the weekend? Sýkorová believes it was a combination of factors, including warm air from the Mediterranean and sunny weather. However, a cold front arrived on Sunday, bringing much-needed relief from the heat.

While the high temperatures may have caused discomfort for some, they have also raised questions about climate change. While Sýkorová cannot say whether the heatwave is a result of climate change, she acknowledges that extreme temperatures have become more frequent in recent years.