Chorvatian Tourism Takes a Hit as Prices Rise

Chorvatian tourism has become a costly affair with all-time high prices, and the tourists are feeling the pinch. German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau recently reported that prices in Croatia keep rising, and many tourists don’t want to return to the country anymore. The article mentioned that Croatia’s high prices are due to greed, a common complaint among tourists, from food to accommodation.

According to Slobodna Dalmacija, a Croatian newspaper, the country is becoming too expensive even for those much more affluent than Croatia. The media outlet reported that the accommodation cost in Croatia has increased by 30% in the past two years, making it more expensive than in Spain or Greece. The same source reported that some tourists canceled their reservations due to the high prices.

The situation has become so alarming that even small businesses feel the heat. The local owners of small guesthouses have reported a significant decline in the number of tourists, affecting their income. This has led to many entrepreneurs questioning the state of tourism in the country and whether it is still worth investing in.

The high prices have not gone unnoticed by foreign media outlets either. Titled ‘Croatia: The Holiday Destination That’s Now Too Expensive Even For The Rich,’ the article published by Frankfurter Rundschau stated that the country’s prices are increasing every day, and many tourists no longer want to return.

It’s not just the prices that have tourists up in arms. The country has also implemented several strict rules for travelers, meaning those arriving in Dubrovnik with luggage on wheels can expect to face a hefty fine. This has left tourists frustrated and complaining that the country is not as welcoming as it used to be.

Despite the increasing prices, Croatia is still a beautiful country with much to offer. However, the country needs to address the issue of high prices and make it more affordable for tourists. The government and local authorities need to work together to create a sustainable and affordable tourism industry.

Tourism is a vital source of income for Croatia, and it is essential that the country takes steps to ensure that it remains a popular destination. By addressing the issue of high prices, Croatia can attract more tourists and maintain its reputation as a beautiful and welcoming country.