Czech Republic to Experience Cooler Temperatures and Rain at the End of the Week

The Czech Republic has been experiencing a heatwave for the past few days, but that is expected to change at the end of the week. According to the long-term weather forecast from the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI), temperatures will drop, the sky will become overcast, and rain across the country.

While temperatures are expected to remain high until Saturday, they will begin to drop on Sunday, and daily maximum temperatures will reach only 18-23 degrees Celsius. The cloudy and rainy weather is expected to persist until the beginning of next week, with thunderstorms predicted to make a return.

According to meteorologists, this week is expected to be one of the hottest weeks since 1931. However, the four weeks after that, until September 17th, are projected to have above-average temperatures.

The CHMI’s long-term forecast also predicts above-average precipitation in the next 30 days, relieving the country’s drought-stricken areas.

In preparation for the cooler weather, the Czech Republic’s residents are advised to dress appropriately and to take necessary precautions to prevent catching a cold or the flu.

This sudden change in weather also has implications for outdoor activities and events. Due to the predicted rain, many outdoor events may need to be rescheduled or postponed.

As we continue to monitor the weather situation in the Czech Republic, stay tuned for further updates and announcements from the CHMI.