Extreme Weather in Prague: Heavy Hailstorm


Prague experienced a severe bout of thunderstorms, with hailstones the size of 2-3 centimeters falling in some parts of the city. The downpour started around half-past five in the evening, accompanied by strong winds.

Meteorologists had warned of heavy rainfall, and their predictions came true. The downpour caused flooding in some areas, with water seeping into the basements of buildings, including the State Opera. The fire department was called to multiple incidents of fallen trees and flooded cellars.

The storm also affected transportation, with trams being delayed and rerouted due to the heavy flooding. One person reportedly fell under a tram at the Flora tram stop, emphasizing the importance of vigilance during extreme weather conditions.

The hailstorm caused damage to properties and vehicles, with many people taking to social media to share their experiences. Despite the damage, the photos of the storm were awe-inspiring, with lightning strikes illuminating the night sky.