Czech Republic to Open 15km of New Highways in 2023 with 105km More Under Construction

In the Czech Republic, 15 new highways will be opened this year, and construction will begin on another 105 kilometers. In addition, 18 kilometers of first-class roads will be under construction. According to the Minister of Transport, Martin Kupka (ODS), up to 118 kilometers of new highways could be opened in 2024.

One of the sections that will begin construction this year is the completion of the D11 highway from the Polish border to Trutnov. While the Poles will complete the road on their territory in 2024, the connection from the Czech Republic will be completed two years later.

Other sections of the D35 and D55 highways will also begin construction this year, and several areas of the D6 have already started since the beginning of the year.

“Construction work did not stop completely even during the winter, and thanks to that, we have been able to keep the construction schedule on all major projects,” added Radek Matl, the head of the Road and Motorway Directorate.

Overall, more than 260 kilometers of roads are expected to be constructed, specifically 158 kilometers of highways and 107 kilometers of first-class roads, with 65 billion crowns allocated for them.

Only sections of the D48 and D7 will be opened this year, and according to Kupka, the domestic highway network should be completed in its basic form by 2033. The minister plans to present the construction outlook for the next ten years to the government later this year.