Easter Forecast: Snowflakes to Make an Appearance

This year’s weather won’t resemble Easter as a spring holiday. Although it will gradually warm in the coming days, we will still see snowflakes from middle altitudes over the weekend. Next week, temperatures are expected to reach up to 15°C, meteorologist Dagmar Honsová said.

“On Friday, it will snow in the eastern part of the country, even in the lowlands, and snowflakes will fall from middle altitudes on Saturday. It will snow in the mountains on Easter Sunday and Monday,” the meteorologist summarized the weather outlook for the end of the week.

Thursday morning could be frosty again, and we will see clear or partly cloudy skies during the day. However, it will be mostly cloudy in the afternoon, with occasional light snow showers, and the evening will see increasing cloudiness from the east. Afternoon temperatures will reach 6 to 10°C.

On Friday, it should be mostly overcast, with less cloudiness initially in the west, but it will gradually become cloudy there as well. Some places may have light snow in the east that will slowly move to higher altitudes. Morning temperatures will mostly drop to 2 to -2°C, and daytime temperatures will remain between 6 and 10°C, with only 1 to 3°C in the northeast.

Saturday will bring overcast skies with rain or light snow showers from middle altitudes in the east. Morning temperatures will drop to 4 to -1°C, and daytime temperatures will range from 4 to 8°C.

“Easter Monday will bring temperatures comparable to those on Christmas Eve,” Honsová stated, adding that it will be mostly cloudy to partly cloudy, initially only in some places, later with scattered showers during the day. It will snow again in the mountains. Morning temperatures will remain between 4 and -1°C, and daytime temperatures will range from 8 to 12°C.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, it should remain mostly cloudy to partly cloudy, with scattered showers occasionally occurring on both days.