Czech Retail Sales Experience 12th Consecutive Month of Decline

According to the Czech Statistical Office (CZSO), retail sales in the Czech Republic fell for the twelfth consecutive month in April. However, the year-on-year decline slowed to 7.7% from March’s 9.5%. In monthly comparison, retail sales in April dropped by 0.3%.

The decrease in sales was seen across all store types and within Internet and mail-order retail. Food sales fell by 9.4% in stores with a predominance of food and by almost 7% in specialized food stores. Sales of non-food goods in stores with a predominance of non-food goods increased by 4.1%, while internet and mail-order sales fell by 6.8% yearly.

Sales of household items in specialized stores fell by 16.5%, while clothing and footwear retailers saw a drop in customer spending of 7.5%. Sales in computer and communication equipment stores fell by 5%, and sales of products for culture, sports, and recreation by 3.7%. Pharmacy and health goods sales fell by 2.5% compared to April 2021.

On the other hand, sales of fuel in April, as well as in the previous month, recorded a year-on-year increase in turnover. Customers spent almost 7% more on fuel than a year earlier.

The CZSO data was published following a statement by Marie Bouskova, director of the Department of Trade, Transport, Services, Tourism, and the Environment Statistics at the CZSO. She noted that all types of stores reported a decline in revenues, with non-specialized retail stores with a predominance of food and stores selling household items seeing the most significant impact.

It remains to be seen whether the Czech Republic will be able to reverse the trend of falling retail sales, with many businesses struggling to survive amid the ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainty.