Nearly 1300 Internet Domains Are Blocked in the Czech Republic

The CZ.NIC Association, which manages Czech domains with the .cz extension, is blocking more and more websites. Currently, there are 1297 names on the list of blocked domains. The reason for blocking may be incorrect information about the domain name holder, a decision by law enforcement authorities, or based on Article 17 of the domain name registration rules.

Most Czech domains are blocked due to incorrect information about the holder or failure to provide a representative. No 1297 domain names are currently blocked under Article 17 of the registration rules, meaning no Czech domain violates national or international computer security.

The purpose of publishing the list of blocked domains is to increase transparency in removing domain names from DNS. The list will be regularly updated, and interested parties will also find reasons why blocking occurred.

Stop disinformation websites

After the invasion of Russian armed forces into Ukraine in late February last year, domestic disinformation websites that spread Russian propaganda were also blocked. Among them was, for example,,,,,,, and

You can view all blocked domains directly on the CZ.NIC website.