Czech Water Parks Increasing Prices

As summer heats up, so do the prices at Czech water parks and swimming pools. Visitors to some locations now pay up to twice as much as last year. In some areas, admission costs have risen by as much as 20%. The price hikes are being attributed to rising energy and water costs and other expenses.

The Podolí outdoor pool complex in Prague has raised prices by 17% compared to last year, citing energy and water costs as the reason for the increase. Admission for adults now costs 280 Czech koruna. Family passes for two adults and one child cost 480 koruna, with each additional child over three years old costing an extra 120 koruna.

In addition to the rising cost of admission, refreshments at the park have also increased in price. A beer in a plastic cup now costs 50 koruna, and a fried cheese sandwich will set you back 100 koruna.

Other parks have also seen similar price increases. The Aqualand Moravia water park in Pasohlávky charges 1,049 koruna, for a full-day adult ticket. Meanwhile, the Aquapalace water park in Čestlice charges almost three thousand koruna for a weekend family pass.

Smaller towns and cities may offer cheaper alternatives for those seeking a more affordable option. In Kadani, for example, the cost of admission to the local outdoor pool is only 80 koruna, for the entire day.

Despite the price increases, many water parks and swimming pools still see high attendance levels. The Podolí complex, for instance, saw a record-breaking 4,500 visitors in a single day. The Aquapalace in Čestlice reports that attendance is up 10% compared to last year.