Czechia may reach the 2nd flood level

Floods are not expected in the Czech Republic today, according to meteorologists. However, heavy rain in Moravia and northeastern Bohemia on Monday could lift the levels of some rivers once more.

Streams in eastern Moravia, in particular, can reach the second flood level. This is in response to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute’s alert released today.

On Monday, the weather will be influenced by a front moving from the northern Adriatic to the northeast, bringing rain to the Czech Republic. Up to 50 liters of water per square meter will fall in 24 hours in eastern Moravia.

As a result, starting Monday morning, river and stream levels in most of the Moravian-Silesian and Zln regions, as well as the east of the South Moravian and Olomouc regions, will rise to the second degree of flooding. According to meteorologists, the possibility of hitting the third, or highest, level of flood activity in the near future cannot be ruled out. As a result, water from certain rivers will flow into the landscape.

The majority of the Olomouc region and districts in the east of the Pardubice region will be affected by Monday’s heavy rain, according to meteorologists. In these areas, some streams can reach the first flood level.

In southeastern Bohemia, central Bohemia, and the north of Moravia and Silesia, heavy rain has caused sea levels to rise to the first, and sometimes even the second, stage of flooding. Just six places in Prague and Central Bohemia were valid for the first degree as of today, about 13:00.