Czechs plan to spend CZK 5913 on autumn holidays in the Czech Republic

Czechs plan to spend an average of CZK 5913 per person for their autumn holidays in the Czech Republic, up CZK 120 year-on-year, according to a survey by the CzechTourism state agency.

The largest amount will be spent on accommodation, 46 percent. On average, people want to spend eight days on holiday. 53 percent of Czech travelers expect to spend their autumn holidays in the Czech Republic, two percentage points less than last year. The survey results were presented today by CzechTourism director Jan Herget at a press conference.

After accommodation, the largest share of autumn holiday spending will be spent on food, at around 18 percent. The third place is occupied by spending on culture, sport, or visits to monuments, which account for 13 percent of the average budget, i.e. CZK 780.

“As far as demand in the Czech Republic is concerned, I think it looks positive so far. If we do a good job together with the regions, I think there is a chance that this will be one of the last waves of spending on domestic holidays,” Herget said.

Most, namely a quarter of Czechs, are going to the South Bohemia region, while 15 percent of people are going to the South Moravia region. Central Bohemia and Liberec regions were chosen by 14 percent of Czech tourists for their autumn stay.

65 percent of respondents plan hiking during their autumn holidays, two-thirds will go for lighter walks, 32 percent plan shorter trips by bicycle, and 24 percent of Czechs will choose water sports and visits to aquaparks among sports activities.

In autumn, 30 percent of people will not go on holiday due to lack of money, the same number of respondents said they would not go on holiday at this time, and 16 percent of Czechs prefer to stay abroad. For five percent of Czech travelers, fear of coronavirus infection is the reason for not taking an autumn holiday.

“Domestic guests are very important for tourism and are currently driving it,” said Herget. He added that various benefits such as discount and experience cards, tourism packages, and vouchers are growing in importance. People can find an overview of these, along with tips for trips around the Czech Republic, on the portal operated by CzechTourism.