Czechs tend to like plant-based products, especially milk alternatives

According to retailers, the popularity of plant products among Czechs is growing. People are particularly interested in milk alternatives, and plant-based meats are also in high demand. Sellers are thus constantly expanding their offer. Emco has newly entered the vegetable products category with its brand Pan Hrášek.

According to its spokeswoman Denisa Morgensteinová, online supermarket recorded a 70 percent growth in the “veggie” category last year. She said people are buying soy and almond milk the most.

Oat or pea milk is also becoming increasingly popular, she said. “There is also a steady increase in demand for ready-made vegan meals,” she said.

Albert stores have seen the rising popularity of meat-free products in recent years, as well as a growing range of alternative plant-based protein sources, said store communications director Jiří Mareček. According to him, the fastest-growing category is burger alternatives.

Kaufland offers plant-based products from various brands and has them under its brand, according to its spokeswoman Renata Maierl.

“K-take it veggie is not only an alternative to meat products such as burgers and mince but also plant-based drinks, veggies, cooking creams, and so-called spread are very popular,” she said. Vegetable drinks are the best sellers, she said.