Czechs’ wallets: 1000 CZK, loyalty cards, photos of children, but also scales for happiness

Three of four Czechs do not rely on credit cards and carry cash, most often no more than CZK 1,000. However, their wallets also contain other things they want to keep on hand, especially various loyalty cards, photos of their children and partners, and business cards. A quarter of people also carry fish scales for good luck.

According to a survey conducted by NMS Market Research for Raiffeisenbank, one in three Czechs (34 percent) always carries some cash, and more than two-fifths of people (42 percent) carry it in most cases. Although the survey found that the vast majority do not rely solely on credit cards, there are 14 percentage points fewer of these people than in a survey five years ago.

Cash is mainly carried by the elderly and those with low incomes, up to CZK 20,000 per month.

Most of these are smaller amounts, with seven out of ten respondents carrying cash between two hundred and one thousand crowns, but one in eleven less than two hundred. On the other hand, a fifth of Czechs takes more than a thousand.

Czechs, don’t forget about plasters or condoms.

It is not only banknotes or coins that can be found in wallets. Three-quarters of Czechs also carry loyalty cards from various shops.

More than a third also have photos of their loved ones, children, and partners in their wallets. Next in line are business cards, which three out of ten respondents use. The fish scales, which, according to Czech traditions, will multiply the money for their owner, are not missing either. Every fourth respondent sticks to it.

However, wallets contain other valuable items, such as plasters and condoms, carried by one out of every eight Czechs.

On the other hand, four out of a hundred respondents admitted that they do not have a wallet.