Danuše Nerudová and Jan Farský to lead STAN in European Parliament Elections

Facebook/Danuše Nerudová

The STAN movement has announced that economist and former presidential candidate Danuše Nerudová and STAN deputy chairman Jan Farský will lead the party’s candidates in the upcoming European Parliament elections. The decision was confirmed by the party’s national committee on Thursday, with the identity of the top candidate to be determined by January.

Nerudová will head the list of candidates for “Personalities for Europe,” while Farský will lead candidates for “Mayors and Personalities for Europe.” Farský has composed the list of candidates, which he said will include seven STAN members among the top 10 and six mayors in the second 10. The party hopes to win at least three seats in the European Parliament elections.

The elections will occur on June 7 and 8 next year, with Czech voters choosing 21 representatives.


The Czech political party STAN (Mayors and Independents) was founded in 2009. STAN is a liberal-conservative party that focuses on local government and the interests of independent politicians. In the 2017 Czech legislative elections, STAN received 6.18% of the vote, which earned them six seats in the Chamber of Deputies. STAN is part of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) in the European Parliament.

Nerudová and Farský

Danuše Nerudová is an economist who has taught at the University of Economics in Prague and Charles University in Prague. She has also served as a member of the Czech National Bank board. She ran for president in the 2018 Czech presidential election but was unsuccessful.

Jan Farský is the deputy chairman of STAN and mayor of the town of Kadaň. He has been a member of STAN since 2010 and was elected to the Chamber of Deputies in the 2013 Czech legislative elections.

STAN’s Goals

STAN’s primary goal is to promote local government and increase support for independent politicians. The party also focuses on increasing transparency and fighting corruption in government. STAN supports the European Union and is in favor of greater European integration.

The European Parliament Elections

The European Parliament elections take place every five years. The elections are held in all EU member states, with each country receiving a certain number of seats in proportion to its population. The European Parliament can pass laws and approve the EU’s budget, among other responsibilities.

The nomination of Danuše Nerudová and Jan Farský to lead STAN in the European Parliament elections marks a critical moment for the party. STAN’s focus on local government and independent politicians makes it a unique voice in Czech politics. The party’s success in the upcoming elections could significantly impact the future of the EU and the Czech Republic.