Demolition Threat Looms Over Unauthorized Buildings Near Novomlýnská Reservoir

Milan Vojtek

A considerable number of structures along the shore of the lower Novomlýnská reservoir in Dolní Věstonice, Břeclav, are under threat of demolition. Owners built some of these cottages or houses without the necessary permits. Now, their properties lie within an international wildlife corridor line, making their removal highly likely.

People acquired the now built-up lands near the reservoir from Dolní Věstonice to Pavlova from the municipality in 1997. At that time, they were allowed to be used for recreation under certain conditions. However, spontaneous construction of various dwellings began on the plots, which, over the years, were completed and expanded. In some cases, this happened without the blessing of the building authority.

Ten years later, the municipality began to deal with the preparation of a spatial plan, partly due to the Ministry of Environment’s plan to establish an international wildlife corridor. The area near the reservoir was to be used for this purpose. “When choosing a location, the fact that there was no legal construction there also played a role, so the establishment would not be associated with the need for the ministry to deal with property buyouts,” said Mayor Jaroslava Rajchlová (Věstonický Association).

The fate of the twelve buildings is now within the competence of the building authority in Mikulov. As it turned out, there are more illegal houses around the reservoir. Owners woke up and are applying for the issuance of building permits retroactively. Buildings near the water are probably without a chance, those further away, located outside the wildlife corridor, may be retrospectively legalized.