Progress in Preparations for Two Ostrava Skyscrapers

Lukáš Kaboň

The Ostrava municipality is back at work to salvage a socialist high-rise building in the city center, which it plans to redevelop into a skyscraper. The proposal, now three years old, was prepared by famous architect Eva Jiřičná. Despite the ready-to-go plan, the city has been unsuccessful in selling the apartment building. However, a buyer has now appeared.

“This week, Ostrava councilors selected a new interested party to purchase land with the so-called Ostrava Skyscraper in Ostrčilova Street in the city center,” said Ostrava spokeswoman Gabriela Pokorná. The deputy mayor of Ostrava for property, Jiří Vávra (ANO), added that the city continues its efforts to save the third tallest building in Ostrava.

Two applicants entered the competition, which the city re-announced last October. The winner offered a purchase price of 55 million CZK, excluding VAT. The spokesperson also agreed to pay 6.4 million CZK for the transfer of documentation. However, the proposal of the AI-Design studio, which was created under the leadership of Jiřičná and architect Petr Vágner, must be complied with.

The apartment building has been empty since 2013 due to technical defects. In the past, the city also dealt with its demolition but eventually decided to save it. It was built from 1965 to 1968 as part of the Jindřiška housing estate according to the design of architect Jan Slezák. It served as a residential building for only a few years, then was rebuilt into an office building.

According to information obtained by Novinky, Ostrava Towers Complex’s international architectural competition for constructing another Ostrava skyscraper, nicknamed Slza, ended in April. With a height of 238 meters, it should be the tallest building in Ostrava and the entire Czech Republic. It will be built next to the Forum shopping center on Nová Karolína.