Demonstration for “Česko na 1. místě” on Wenceslas Square

Pavel Jaňurek

After almost four weeks, the organizers of the “Česko na 1. místě” demonstration called another event on Prague’s Wenceslas Square.

The protest, called “Czech Republic in 1st place”, was organized by Jiří Havel and Ladislav Vrábel. They were also behind the demonstration in Prague in early September, which some 70,000 people attended. They initially said that they would announce pressure actions if the government did not resign by September 25. Now, police say the protesters are “in the tens of thousands.”

The protest began at 2 pm. People brought Czech flags as well as banners dominated by anti-government slogans.

Organizers also broadcast the demonstration on large screens in the square to other cities. According to police estimates and the secretary of the Brno-střed district, Petr tika, approximately 1,500 people gathered at Brno’s Zelný trh.

Hundreds of people gathered on Plzeň’s central Republic Square, according to police, about 500 in Liberec in front of the House of Culture and about 100 in Olomouc in the area in front of the regional offices near the train station.

In Ostrava, a rival demonstration organized by the chair of the SPD movement, Tomi Okamura, began at 14:00. According to the Novinek correspondent, an estimated 500 people gathered there.