Demonstrations Against Minister Blažek

Stanislava Benešová

On Wednesday afternoon, a hundred people gathered in Prague’s Klárov for a demonstration organized by the Spolek Milion chvilek. The “Last straw” demonstration was in response to the ongoing controversy surrounding Minister of Justice Pavel Blažek. The protesters were seen carrying umbrellas while it rained outside.

The controversy involves Blažek’s meeting in a restaurant, which has sparked outrage and demands for his resignation. Among the protesters was Blažek, who spoke with the media but did not step up on the podium.

The demonstration was part of a more significant movement against Blažek’s policies and actions, with many expressing their frustration with what they see as inaction on the part of the government to address issues such as corruption and lack of transparency.

Many of the demonstrators were from the younger generation, who have been particularly vocal in their criticism of the government. They see the ongoing controversy as indicative of a more significant problem with the political establishment and call for more accountability and transparency from those in power.

The demonstration ended peacefully, with the protesters leaving the area without incident. The movement against Blažek and his policies is expected to continue, with more demonstrations and other protests planned in the coming days and weeks.