Dozens of Demonstrators Spend the Night Outside Government Office in Prague

Novotná Lenka

Dozens of demonstrators spent the night outside the government building in Prague’s city center on Sunday in a protest against the government. Some protesters slept in tents outside the building and planned to stay there until Tuesday. They are calling for the government’s resignation, and on Monday morning, police separated them from the building.

The protest was organized by the non-parliamentary party PRO (Právo Respekt Odbornost), and some of its petition stands are still outside the government building. One demonstrator said they plan to stay until Monday evening and return on Tuesday morning. The protest is expected to continue on Wednesday, the day of the government’s next meeting, when demonstrators hope to meet with ministers finally.

The protest began on Sunday with a rally on Wenceslas Square, attended by several thousand people. The demonstrators then marched through the city, arriving at the government building around an hour later. They demanded the government’s resignation, including Prime Minister Petr Fiala, on a ten-day official trip to Asia. Despite peaceful protests, police have been present to monitor the situation.