Drinking and Floating: The Culture of Alcohol on Prague’s Vltava River

The Vltava River in Prague is a popular spot for tourists and locals to take a leisurely float down the river. However, it has become a notorious haven for those looking to party and consume alcohol in excess. Despite warnings from rescue workers and officials, the culture of drinking on the Vltava persists.

Many people view floating down the river as a chance to let loose and have a good time, but the consequences of excessive drinking on the water can be severe. In a recent interview, the director of the Czech Red Cross Water Rescue Service, David Smejkal, criticized the consumption of alcohol on the water, stating that it can lead to a loss of self-awareness and dangerous behavior.

Despite these warnings, the reality is that alcohol is a common sight on the Vltava. Actress Rosamund Pike recently recounted her experience on the river while filming “The Wheel of Time” in Prague. She described seeing “the most drunk people I have ever seen” and witnessing dangerous behavior from individuals under the influence.

The issue of excessive drinking on the Vltava is not limited to young people. Rental companies report that groups of all ages, including families and older adults, engage in heavy drinking while floating down the river. The problem is particularly pronounced during summer when many people take to the water to escape the heat.

Rescue workers and officials recommend avoiding alcohol consumption while on the Vltava and adhering to safety guidelines. Drunken behavior on the water can lead to severe accidents and even fatalities. In addition, excessive drinking can lead to environmental damage, with discarded beer cans and other trash polluting the river.

In light of the persistent culture of drinking on the Vltava, rental companies and officials have called for a change in attitudes and behavior. Some have suggested that stricter regulations and enforcement could help curb dangerous behavior on the river. Others have called for increased education and awareness campaigns to inform people of the risks of excessive drinking while floating down the Vltava.

Despite the challenges, many ways exist to enjoy the Vltava responsibly. Rental companies offer a range of options for floating down the river, including family-friendly routes and quieter river sections. By adhering to safety guidelines and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, visitors to Prague can enjoy the beauty of Vltava without endangering themselves or others.