Prague 4 To Invest Over 123 Million CZK In School Repairs

The municipal government of Prague 4 will invest more than 123 million CZK in repairs to its schools and kindergartens this year. The money will go towards repairing school canteens, gyms, roofs, floors, and boiler rooms. The work is scheduled to be completed before the start of the new school year.

According to Jiří Bigas, a spokesperson for the municipal district, Prague 4 administers 21 primary schools and 23 nurseries. The community does not assist secondary schools run by the city.

“The biggest project this summer is the reconstruction of the school kitchen at Poláčkova Elementary School, which will cost 59 million CZK. Other repairs in school buildings include locker rooms, social facilities, and classrooms,” said Deputy Mayor Jan Hušbauer (ANO).

The school work is planned to be completed before the start of the new school year, except for the reconstruction of the school canteen at Poláčkova Elementary School. “It will extend a few weeks into the school year, but parents don’t have to worry; we have a temporary solution prepared for this transitional period,” added Hušbauer.

In addition, the municipal government has allocated more than 48.8 million CZK for repairing the school canteen on Poláčkova Street and more than 42 million CZK for the school’s insulation on Filosofská Street in Lhotka.

The reconstruction of water and sanitation systems at the Sdružení Primary School is expected to cost around 4.13 million CZK. Builders will also be repairing the restrooms at the Mezivrší Kindergarten and the Bítovská Primary School.

The reconstruction of the gym at the Na Chodovci Primary School will cost more than two million CZK, while the Táborská and Jitřní Primary Schools will have their floors repaired. The municipal government will cover the cost of the roof for the Ohradní Primary School, and the Křesomyslova Primary School in Nusle will receive a new boiler room.