E.ON will also increase energy prices from the new year

The energy company E.ON will also increase the price of electricity and gas supplies from the new year. As with other suppliers, most customers will pay a capped price for energy. Customers with normal consumption will pay about CZK 300 a month extra.

The increase will not affect customers who have a fixed price, company spokesman Roman Špěrňák said on Thursday. With 1.4 million customers, E.ON is the second-largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic.

ČEZ and Pražská energetika, for example, has already announced electricity price increases for next year, and other suppliers are also planning to do so. Most households are expected to have prices at the price ceiling level.

In October, the government set the price caps at CZK 6,000 per megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity, including VAT, and CZK 3,000 per MWh of gas. Distribution charges have to be added to this. Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) said at the time that the cost of this measure would be around CZK 130 billion.

E.ON Energie said that the current situation in the energy market, where electricity and gas prices on the exchanges reached extreme levels during the year, forced it to increase the price. As a result, roughly two-thirds of E.ON customers will pay the price cap for energy starting in the new year. At the beginning of November, only 7,000 customers were still subject to the cap.

The price list adjustment will not affect clients with fixed prices, which is about a third of E.ON’s customers. By the end of the year, the company says about 100,000 fixed-price clients will see their contracts end.

Other energy suppliers are also preparing new price lists for next year. ČEZ, for example, has already announced an increase for the new year, and most of its clients will also pay fixed prices.

A typical ČEZ client will pay around CZK 300 per month for electricity. On the other hand, gas prices will remain the same at ČEZ, as they are already at the price ceiling level. Prague Energy will also increase the price of electricity and gas to the price ceiling from January, with the average Prague household paying CZK 100 less per month.