Eco-Activists Take to the Streets Again to Demand Change

On April 4th, activists again took to the streets to block traffic. The march led through the highway towards the National Museum, Florenc, and Republic Square.

The demands of the Last Generation movement include a reduction of the speed limit in the broader center to 30 kilometers per hour, closure of the historic center for transit automobile traffic, and the humanization of the highway with a separate lane for cyclists and emergency vehicles.

Before the start of the march, we also caught the interview of the main organizer, Arne Springorum, with the police. Springorum complained that someone recently ran over his foot in Germany, and drivers kicked him.

He wanted assurance that Czech police officers would take care of their safety. It was promised that the police would be on all sides of the march. An anti-conflict team is also on site.

The beginning of the march was marked by the presence of several jokers who refused the requested thirty kilometers per hour for Prague and instead demanded one hundred and twenty.