Prague is the Only Region in the Czech Republic where Births Exceed Deaths

According to a report by the Czech Statistical Office, Prague is the only region in the Czech Republic where the birth rate exceeds the death rate. In 2022, the population of Prague increased by 10,714 people to 1,286,120 inhabitants, with 13,103 babies born and 12,807 deaths recorded in the city, resulting in a natural increase of 296 residents.

Migration played a much more significant role in the population growth of Prague, with 41,605 people moving to the city. In contrast, 31,187 residents moved away, resulting in a positive migration balance of 10,418 people.

The number of women in Prague is slightly higher than men at 51.1%. The city registered 6,891 marriages and 2,271 divorces in the past year.

However, the official statistics do not include refugees from Ukraine. According to the office, 101,000 people received temporary protection visas in Prague. It is unknown how many Ukrainian refugees stayed in the city at the end of the year, but it is estimated to be around 72,000.

Additionally, the official statistics do not account for people (Czech citizens and foreigners within regular migration) who permanently live in Prague but are officially registered elsewhere. It is estimated that around 200-300,000 people are in this category.

Prague remains the second most populous region in the Czech Republic, with the Central Bohemian Region occupying the first place, where 1.4 million people lived by the end of the year. The South Moravian and Moravian-Silesian Regions are also home to over a million people.

The population of the entire Czech Republic increased by 16,700 people to 10.533 million inhabitants in 2022, but these figures do not include Ukrainian refugees.