Energy Prices to Decrease, Long-Term Fixation Not Beneficial

The electricity and gas prices for households are set to decrease this year. The drop in wholesale prices in the market will gradually be reflected in the suppliers’ offers over the coming months. However, experts advise that those who want to fix their energy prices should only do so temporarily.

“Long-term fixations should wait for some time. Suppliers have not yet bottomed out, and the gradual lowering of prices is ongoing. I would recommend a contract for an indefinite period or a one-year fixation,” says ENA analyst Jiří Gavor.

The optimal time for longer-term fixation will only come in the second half of the year, Gavor believes. According to Petr Lajsek from Purple Trading, contractual fixation of prices now makes sense for a shorter period, perhaps until the end of the year, for customers to secure stable prices for the upcoming winter.

However, consumers should not have expectations that are too high. “Consumers probably won’t experience a significant decrease. The fall in exchange prices will compensate for the return of the renewable resources fee and the increase in distribution fees,” warns Lajsek.

In conclusion, the battle for new customers is particularly fierce in the market right now, according to Gavor. As a result, new products will be introduced primarily for them. This means that the customer will get the best price when they switch to a competitor.