The Vltava River: A Return to Calm After Four Weeks of Flooding

Pavel Orholz

For the first time in four weeks, the Vltava River in Český Krumlov is not at a flood level. This follows a period of intensive drainage from the Lipno Reservoir, which has prepared for further precipitation and snowmelt.

In recent weeks, the Vltava River had reached the third flood level in Krumlov, causing concern among residents. The water level in Český Krumlov was at 183 centimeters on Wednesday. At the turn of the year, the river had risen to the third level, reaching as high as 225 centimeters.

Responding to the rising water levels, Českokrumlov citizens placed about a thousand sandbags around the city, primarily safeguarding pensions and restaurants by the river. However, according to the town’s mayor, Alexander Nogrády, the river caused minimal damage over the past weeks.

In Nogrády’s view, the situation with the Vltava River was well managed overall. He referred to the recent flood as a “practice flood,” from which valuable information was obtained to be utilized in similar situations.

With the increased water level of the Vltava River, it became evident which areas in the city are more prone to flooding and should be better protected. The town is also planning a meeting with the Vltava River Basin to evaluate individual steps.