Every Three Minutes, a Collision: Czech Republic Grapples with Severe Glaze Ice

The Czech Republic faced a significant challenge due to severe glaze ice, which led to difficult driving conditions across the country. Moravia, Silesia, Vysočina, Hradec Králové, and Pardubice regions reported issues with icy roads on Monday evening. Meteorologists issued a warning that expired on Tuesday night.

The majority of Moravia experienced continuous ice formation. “Another band of more intense and lasting precipitation is approaching from the west. Surface temperatures are still below zero in most areas. The situation will continue to deteriorate. If you don’t have to, don’t set out in the affected areas; if possible, don’t even leave the house. Ice is and will continue to form locally in Silesia, especially in the northern parts,” meteorologists warned on Monday evening.

Up until six in the evening, the police in South Moravia hardly dealt with any traffic accidents or events related to the weather. Still, the situation began to change dramatically before seven in the evening. By half-past eight in the evening, they had received thirty reports due to glaze ice.

The ice also limited public transportation. According to the Integrated Transport System of the South Moravian Region, there were problems almost all over the region, and tram and trolleybus lines in Brno were also limited due to frost on the trolley.

In addition, ice formation also occurred on roads in some parts of the Olomouc region. Drivers reported freezing roads in Olomouc and the surroundings of Prostějov, mainly in Konice. “Rain is falling on the roads, which freezes on contact with the road,” said the road administration dispatcher.