Ex-minister Plaga will temporarily lead Mendel University


A new rector at Mendel University in Brno will be headed by Deputy Minister of Education and former minister for ANO Robert Plaga until a new rector is elected. Petr Gazdík (STAN), has appointed him. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Aneta Lednová announced on Tuesday.

Danuše Nerudová ended her tenure as head of the university on Monday. Vojtěch Adam resigned due to doubts about some of his published articles.

The Higher Education Act says that if a school has not established one of its self-governing bodies, the exercise of authority passes to the Education Ministry or another public university.

Gazdík decided to put Plaga, who knows the university, as an alumnus and former teacher, in charge.

The Academic Senate began the process of selecting a new rector on Monday. It elected members of the election committee, which will prepare the next steps. Jiří Skládanka, the chairman of the Academic Senate, estimated the length of the process at about two months.