Farmers’ markets are gone for the weekend

Ksenia Zhuikova @ksuzhuikova

Farmers’ markets in Prague organized by the Archetype association on the waterfront of the city will not take place on Saturday. The municipal company Trade Center Prague (TCP) has withdrawn from the initial agreement with the association proposed solution for following the government’s restrictions.  

Initial proposal of the association consisted of limiting the entrance to the waterfront to just two separate locations. Government also restricted the number of visitors, with a minimum social distance of 15 square meters per person.  

Although the Archetype association agreed to these conditions on 13th of April, just two days later the TCP company had cancelled the agreement. Farmers markets around the city are waiting for the upcoming Monday to potentially be allowed to open, however if they get the green light from the government a number of restrictions will have to be followed. 

A few farmers markets have not stopped functioning under these government restrictions. They follow the guidelines and are able to maintain their presence on the streets of Prague.