Fiala called for a sensible energy management

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) called for responsible energy management in an extraordinary speech on Sunday. The government, state organizations, companies, and households should consider whether they are using energy correctly and how not to waste it. “But I am convinced that, in the end, we would manage everything successfully,” he said.

“`When autumn comes, many may succumb to fears about whether they can handle the winter. We have managed to secure enough gas for our republic if Russia stops supplies,” Fiala said in his address to the nation.

The responsibility lies not only with the government but with each of us. “I would therefore like to ask you to do something. We cannot slack off. On the contrary, we should think about where we could save money, or at least how not to waste energy,” Fiala said.

“Sensible management of gas and electricity by each of us will have three different but very positive and necessary effects this winter. Firstly, we will save our own money. Secondly, we will also save our common money in the state budget, and thus, we will fight inflation together. And thirdly, we will be helping our industry and economy as a whole,” the head of government added.

This year is not and will not be easy, he said. “But I am convinced we will manage everything successfully in the end,” he added.

The prime minister also recalled that the government decided to cap electricity and gas prices this week because of the energy crisis. “It was not easy to cap energy prices. It will cost more than CZK 100 billion, which we have to get somewhere,” he said.

Therefore, he said, the government wants the capping of energy prices to be paid for by increased dividends from its stake in state-owned companies, including ČEZ, and also from the extraordinary profits that some companies are reaping as a result of the current energy crisis and high costs.

“This situation has not only shocked the European Union countries, but more importantly, it has brought them together. And thanks to this, we are now working together on how best to resolve the crisis,” he also said.