Fiala: The Czech Republic will not stop helping Ukraine

Ondřej Deml

The Czech Republic will not stop helping Ukraine because of its friendship and morality. On Thursday, the Head of Government Petr Fiala (ODS) said this at the security conference.

“We must take care of the women, children, and parents of those men who are fighting in Ukraine today. I am talking about refugees: they are not fleeing for a better life but to save their lives. We must keep this in mind, “Fiala said.

The Prime Minister has also visited some refugee centers in the Czech Republic recently. “In the eyes of Ukrainians, apart from fear for their country and their loved ones, I also saw relief and gratitude for the fact that we are taking care of them,” he described.

“We will not stop helping. The Czech Republic will not stop helping Ukraine. We are obliged to do so not only by our friendship with Ukrainians and Ukraine but above all by our conscience and morality,” the prime minister added.

Experts will discuss the new strategic environment or the defense industry in the following panels. The conference will conclude with a debate between representatives of the parliamentary parties.