Firefighters evacuated about 50 people, including a children’s camp in Hřensko last night due to a fire

HZS Ústeckého kraje

Firefighters evacuated about 50 people from the right bank of the Kamenice River in Hřensko on Tuesday night due to a large fire in the Czech Switzerland National Park. A German children’s camp was evacuated from Ferdinandov, and its participants were transported by bus to the border, where colleagues picked them up from Germany.

Because of the continuing fire, firefighters had to withdraw from the village of Mezná, which they evacuated on Monday. Milan Rudolf, the spokesman for the regional fire brigade, said on Tuesday.

Smoke and fumes from the massive blaze are also visible in other parts of the country, with firefighters saying it is spreading in a belt almost across the entire republic.

The large fire in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park broke out on Sunday morning and approached Hřensko on Monday evening.

On Monday, firefighters evacuated ten tourists from four houses in the upper part of Hřensko. Firefighting work continued overnight. Air service for firefighters was suspended overnight. Helicopters started flying again after dawn.