Fluctuating Temperatures Expected Until End of January

The weather, where temperatures jump from below-average values to above-average and vice versa, will continue until the end of the month. This was stated in the forecast by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI). In the middle of this week, daytime temperatures should climb up to 6 degrees, then again reach zero, and next week again reach up to 10 degrees.

The alternating nature of the weather over the past few weeks, where temperatures from highly above-average values have reached below-average values, will continue at least until the end of January, according to CHMI.

The week from January 21 to January 28 will be relatively warm, with weekly temperatures expected to be above average. The last two forecast weeks (January 29 to February 11) will have average or slightly above-average temperatures.

As for precipitation, the situation should calm down and get closer to normal, although the first two weeks may rain or snow more than usual. Meteorologists have warned of a fluctuating situation. Over the past four weeks, the amount of precipitation has gone from extreme to extreme; there was a lot or a little.

In conclusion, the weather forecast for the coming weeks will see temperatures swinging from below average to above average, with a general warming trend expected. Precipitation is also expected to fluctuate, but generally, it should be closer to normal levels. These weather trends are something to watch as they could have implications for daily life and longer-term planning.